Although most of my work is practicioner-based and focused, I have written a few publications on such topics as: Collaboration Power, Institutional Effectiveness in Higher Education, and Generation X Leadership in American Community Colleges. A recent publication is entitled "Life Beyond Credit Hours" and outlines a new concept for education called Stackable Learning Outcomes.

Gen X Leadership Book Chapter.pdf July 12, 2016 DOWNLOAD
Balancing Access & Completion: Really, Did You Just Say That? February 2016 DOWNLOAD
Life Beyond Credit Hours- Introducing Stackable Learning Outcomes.pdf January 22, 2013 DOWNLOAD
Collaboration Power: A Rising Tide of Excellence (NISOD Innovation Abstract).pdf August 29, 2008 DOWNLOAD
Institutional Effectiveness White Paper.pdf 2007 DOWNLOAD
Almost Back Page.pdf December 3, 2008 DOWNLOAD
Dissertation.pdf August 2003 DOWNLOAD

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