Special Projects

Collaboratively developed projects are often the highest impact demonstrations of inclusive leadership. Each attachment or link below showcases significant projects and materials developed at various stages throughout my career... usually by pulling a group together with diverse talents and then supporting everyone's abilities to create a great final product. Each link will take a few seconds to download.

Dissertation Tips- Quit Whining and Start Writing 2018 DOWNLOAD
TCC NE Campus 2017 Fall Kickoff.pdf Fall 2017 DOWNLOAD
Communities of Change.pdf November, 2016 DOWNLOAD
Pathways Overview.pdf 2016 DOWNLOAD
Collaboration Power: Excelling in a Multi-Generation Workplace.pdf 2016 DOWNLOAD
Strategic Operations Overview TCC NE Campus.pdf 2016-2017 DOWNLOAD
Heartland Community College Visioning Report.pdf 2011-2012 DOWNLOAD
Heartland GPS Workshop Series.pdf 2011-2012 DOWNLOAD
Distance Earning One Page Overview.pdf Allen Goben DOWNLOAD
HCTC Community Report.pdf Allen Goben, December 2009 DOWNLOAD
HCTC Ever Wondered Booklet Allen Goben, 2008-2009 DOWNLOAD
Answer Book.pdf Allen Goben, 2008-2009 DOWNLOAD
HCTC Reciprocal Mentoring.pdf Allen Goben, December 2008 DOWNLOAD
Summertime Heroes Poster Allen Goben, August 14, 2008 DOWNLOAD
IHCC New Student Orientation Video 1999 DOWNLOAD

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